Saturday, July 19, 2008

Father"s Day

Well, I have to say it was fun to spoil Michael on this Father's day. He is such a wonderful, father, friend and husband. He often will be "on duty" when I need to run errands or just have a quick get away during the day. I went a little crazy and bought him a IPod Classic and during the three weeks prior I tried to give it to him at least twice! I was so excited. So the night befor father's day I got his present all ready and had it besides the bed ready for the next morning. It was all I could do to not wake him up at 5am ( I waited until 6:30 I think - we had to get up for church anyway). The look on his face was exactly what I was hoping for. His only regret, he had to get ready for church and go over his sermon so he didn't have time to play with it. Needless to say they have been inseperable ever since. It won't be such a big gift every year, but not for lack of being an amazing father who takes so much love and care with his daughter and wife.

Happy Fathers day!! We love you!

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