Saturday, December 25, 2004

I'm Engaged!

So let me just tell you how amazing God's timing and His plans are for our lives. God has brought a wonderful man into my life, so let me tell you the story. January of 2004 I started a new job at a local non-profit organization in North Carolina and there was one single guy there, ONE. My mom had told me maybe the man you are going to marry will walk through those doors. Apparently I was so dense that he had to walk through those doors every day for three months before I even really noticed him. It started out innocently enough with lunches and movies (which I would intentionally get there early so he would not buy my ticket). We were actually casually seeing other people at the time and it was not working out for either of us. So, one night we head to a minor league baseball game and starting with the drive up there we were ourselves and had a great time and good conversation. We talked through the whole game (annoying those around us no doubt, but we really didn't care). Then, as if taken right out of the movies during the fireworks that night we were both hit in the head by a 2X4 (figuratively speaking). It was at that moment we realized we liked each other, a lot! We no sooner get to the car and we were discussing plans for that weekend.
Needless to say this relationship took a very exciting turn when he picked me up last Sunday (December 19, 2004) and drove me to a town 90 minutes west of Raleigh to see Christmas lights and then out to a nice restaurant for dinner. At dinner he proposed, and I was beside myself with joy. I just hope I didn't scare people in the restaurant. The poor boy hardly had a chance to get up off his knee and 1/2 the wait-staff come to our table to congratulate us. As my sister-in-law said, "The proposal was just perfect for you!".
God certainly has his perfect plan and way of bringing things about. It is times like this that you are not only overwhelmed by the blessings currently in your life but all that God has done in years past. I think of how I do not deserve a loving family, dear friends and a fiancee that seeks to serve and glorify God in all he does. I am truly a blessed woman! Yet it is this very thought that in a way drives us to serve Him more diligently and Passionately everyday. For if we think we deserve the blessings that are in our live then we become complacent, arrogant and self-serving. For when we begin to think we deserve God's blessings in our lives then we become nothing more that spoiled brats asking for nothing we truly need and everything we want to fill our own selfish desires. So I will close with one of my favorite verses
Hosea 6:6 "For I Desire mercy not sacrifice; the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings".
Simply put he wants our lives humbly placed before Him know we can do nothing but enjoy the journey and seek Him through it as He works to glorify Himself in and through our lives. For that is our true purpose in this short time we have here on this earth

Welcome to My Blog!

I have finally given in to the blog frenzy and started a blog of my own. I can't guarantee that this will be the most fascinating thing you have ever read, but it should be fun. I am excited that I will be able to keep everyone up on what is going on any of my goings ons! So enjoy.