Sunday, September 21, 2008

The (long overdue) Final beach pictures

Ya, I know I'm a slacker - I haven't blogged in forever! Here are some final pics from our Oceanfront place we spent the last day at!

The bathing beauties! When did Buddha bellies become - NOT cute!

The View! I say again - We are SO getting oceanfront next time!

The Beach Bumming Couple!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Continued Adventures on Vacation

Well, we were just enjoying our next to last morning on vacation and we get a knock on our door saying we needed to call the rental agency. Apparently there was some confusion about the house being rented out to the owners family for the weekend starting friday afternoon. So after some debate and apologies from the agency we settled on their offer of oceanfront property for our last 24 hours there. They sent someone to help us pack up and settle in the new place. We went from this


Needless to say - we will be getting oceanfront next vacation! Anyway - had to share the story! All that to say we walked in and felt immediately relaxed and enjoyed the last bit of our vacation tremendously!