Saturday, April 22, 2006

Spring at the Rotens

Well, it's spring around here! And, just to show off God's glorious creation, take a look at some of the beautiful flowers we're enjoying at our home in North Carolina. I have not been much of a gardener in the past but my sweet husband loves to work outside and I have really enjoyed it. I have my on little flower bed that is my responsibility to water, weed and take care of (no body told me there would be work involved I just heard I could get gardening shoes so I was in!) Well, seriously, it is very relaxing and fun to watch the flowers grow. God is so amazing to create so many different variations of plants and vegetables, and I have only seen a miniscule portion of his handiwork! Anyway, my husband is gone for the weekend so I'll update you on my shopping spree's and parties w/Mr. Titus Leo Roten!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Celebrating Easter

Here's Michael and I on our first Easter morning together as husband and wife. Michael was so sweet and let me buy a new Easter outfit so I felt all pretty that morning, it was quite fun! Even better than new clothes though was the service at our church. Our pastor talked about the validity of the resurrection and the most compelling evidence was that no one ever did come up with a body, if Christ had not risen (which He did of course). We also had a special service that Thursday before Easter in remebrance of the last supper. What a humbling time of focusing on the cross and all Christ did for each one of us there. It is such a dichotomy sometimes, we are nothing in and of ourselves yet through Christ we are blessed, pure and holy in God's sight. A wonderful dichotomy it is and a good balance for us to remember that it is only through the grace and mercy of our mighty God that brought us to Himself. For anyone reading this that has not made that choice to completely surrender your life to Christ, I would ask that you consider doing so, what a life it is to have Christ there with you through every moment of your life to lean on Him, and be understood by Him like no one else can. I am certain amazed at all He has done in my life and not just the blessings, although He has certainly out done Himself there, the sufferings have taught me so much about Him and myself. Anyway, just a few thoughts for this sweet time of year.Posted by Picasa