Sunday, July 23, 2006


Well, one of michael and I fun things to do together is garden. I have never been much of a green thumb but michael on the otherhand is quite a gardener. We (and I'm using the term loosely - michael did most of the work) cleared out the corner of out yard where there were tons of little trees growing and it just looked to unkempt. So after much hard work and many a cold beverage fetched (my special job) we cleared it out and put some lounge chairs that his brother gave to us and that yours truly has to clean (so they have not been sat in yet). Anyway, we also mulched up a storm this past weekend and got rid of that huge pile of mulch we had in our driveway. Wow, that was a job! I also included a piture of my impatence, I'm quite excited about how they have filled out my little flower garden area. Anyway enjoy the pics.

Our First Anniversary

It's wild that a year has gone by since Michael and I got married. So often we talk about what a great year it has been. We have learned so much about eachother and ourselves. It seems second nature to hang out with eachother. Among the exciting activites is watching food network or HGTV taking our bikes out for a ride or heading to winston-salem, our favorite get-away town. In fact that's exactly what we did for our first anniversary. We took a stroll down memory lane. We went out to dinner at the resturant that Michael proposed to me at and we almost sat in the exact same spot (about 3 tables back). Then the next day we went to Old Salem, our first "traveling date". Shortly after we started dating Michael and I went to Old salem for the day, had a pic-nic lunch and drove around winston-salem, so it was a very special place for us. It was a nice get-away and a fun time of reminising over our time together so far.