Thursday, March 19, 2009

The day we met Olivia!

Well - here we are the last picture as a family of Three on the morning we met our sweet Olivia. Let's back up about 24 hours earlier, and we were just going about our lives with no clue of what God had in store. Olivia's story starts even before that, in November when Michael and I decided that we would go ahead and start the adoption process for our second little blessing. We knew it could happen fast, as 38 hours notice for Celeste proved, but thought for sure it would not happen that quickly again (apparently naively, thinking). 3-4 months and a few phone calls from our adoption agency later we were talking and planning for another child, but at the same time busy with our increasingly mobile now 1 yr. old! On march 10th, while Michael is subbing at a school he calls and tells me we got a call from the executive director of our adoption agency and our minds immediately start racing but she left a message for him to call her back so they finally touch base and Michael calls me back and says that we can go tomorrow to meet our new daughter! I impatiently waited for Michael to get home literally walking in circles making phone calls and running though our shopping list! The moment we met her was beautiful and later that day she was welcomed by the rest of our family and we are settling into life as a family of four. Thank you to everyone for your love and support that you have offered our Family from the very beginning when it was just me and Michael.

Already smitten by our darling Olivia!

Daddy and his girls!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Details about Olivia Ruth Roten

Well, God is amazing!!! Yesterday Michael received a call from our adoption agency and we were chosen to be the parents of a sweet little girl!!! She was born February 27th, 2009 and weighed 7lbs, 3oz.. Olivia is very healthy and quite the good eater I'm told. WE ARE THRILLED!! We were beyond blessed with the outpouring of baby items for Celeste that we are set with all our cute pink "girly" things, so Michael and I would like to present a "gift alternative". We are asking our friends and family to consider making a donation in our name (write it on the memo line of a check or ear-mark it for Michael and Emily Roten) to Amazing Grace Adoptions, this would go towards our current adoption cost. Although if you have an item already picked out or just can't resist getting something for Olivia then that is wonderful we are, as always, humbled by the generosity of our friends and family. Thank you for sharing in our joy!!! Look for pictures soon!!!

Amazing Grace Adoptions
1215 Jones Franklin Rd.
Suite 202
Raleigh, NC 27606

Michael and Emily

Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow day IN MARCH!!

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning - after waiting and waiting for the snow all day yesterday it started falling around 7 pm and kept going until about 1am. Celeste was not so much a big fan of being bundled up, but we had fun tromping around in the cool, crisp, snowy morning.

I love snow in the early morning, all fresh and untarnished by the world - so magical!

All bundled up! Ready to brave the snow!

C is wondering why she can't move!

NOT AMUSED!! Maybe next year she will appreciate the snow a little more!

Amazing view out our backyard! We are so blessed!!!

Visit from Aunt Sarah and Cousins!

My sister came for a visit and we had a wonderful time!

The two little girls had a blast playing around each other. It won't be long until these two are an unstoppable team!

Mr. C was such a great sport with all these girls in the house and had fun playing WII and joining C and A in playing around the house.

Since C birthday is close we had a little cupcake celebration (I.E excuse to eat cupcakes!!) C was a big fan!

Growing up fast

Our little girl is growing up - here are a few pictures to show you the many faces of Celeste! Here is what we call the "ham and cheese" grin (because it's so much more than 'hamming' it up)

This is the 'I am playing here - it's very serious business'

And finally the 'are you just going to stand there or pick me up?'