Saturday, April 23, 2005

Laugh or Cry I'm not sure!

Well, the stress of all the planning and preparation for a serious life change all came to a head when I realized I forgot to stamp the RSVP cards in the already sealed 182 invitations. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
This past Friday Michael and I were happily plugging along putting invitations together and I ran to target to get "little stickers" to dress up the invitations, obsessive I know! I arrive back home from my successful shopping trip rather proud of myself and excited about my pretty invitations, and then panic overwhelms me. I realize we have forgotten the stamps on the RSVP cards. All of the sudden life is bleak and nothing short of eloping to Hawaii would have made me fell much better. I break down, multiple times, and my sweet Michael just lets me cry and tries to follow my every whim of "get the invitations done" and "forget it!".
So, a few lessons. God has a sense of humor even when I don't. And the important things are really not that important.
Then to add insult to injury, I totaled my car on Thursday by ramming into a FedEx truck on my way to work. Yeah, it's been an interesting week.
Yet, God is faithful, sovereign and in control, especially when I am not in control. Actually when I feel most out of control is when God is most in control, and the power struggle, if you will, is only one way. And that is me trying to take what is rightfully Gods, not mine to hold on to.
I am reminded of the Psalms "your mercies are new every morning", and that is so true. God blesses us with new mercy and grace to meet each day with it's joys or trials or both and see it as opportunities to cling to Him (not invitations or cars, because trust time they will let you down every time!).
Michael and I are grateful of the continued prayers and support we have received during these wild times!
And as far as whether to laugh or cry, crying is acceptable, as long as you can laugh at yourself after.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


Well, as published as I will ever be. I wrote and article for a student website called We met this couple at our church and they moved here with this ministry and they found out I love to write and have a passion for youth so it was all down hill from there. So, check it out and let me know what you think!
Just as an update though, all is going well and relative are booking flights like mad to make it for the wedding (in 62 days, but whose counting!;-) ). But life is good, my sweet husband-to-be even voluntarily took me last weekend to run wedding errands, so incredibly adorable! You can see why I'm marrying the man! I get my bridal pictures back this week, so that is exciting, and lots of other details are coming together! God is truly blessing Michael and I with wonderful family and friends to help us out during this crazy, but wonderful time!

As always, I promise to write more soon!