Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cute in Hats!!!

Some friends of ours passed along some clothes from thier little girls and along with two boxes of clothes came an abundance of hats - little did I know how adorable she would look in them!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Snapshot of Life



Way too cute how she just perks up the second you talk to her!! Our little girl is such a joy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

39 years!!!

Ok so they may look 39 years old, but actually they celebrated 39 years of marriage in May! To protect the parties involved the names and ages have been kept confidential (HA HA). Seriously though, I got this picture when Michael and I borrowed my parents camara and thought it was such a great picture I had to show it off and say thank you for exemplifying to all us kids what a Christ centered marriage and life is about. I am told (by my parents) that there were plenty of mistakes along the way, but I am truly blessed to have parents who are honest about the struggles and victories of a life with Christ! Plus, they are so darn cute!!!!

Snapshot of life!

So much love, so little personal space! The family that works on Mac's together stays together!

Three Month Photo's

Here is a glimpse of Celeste's Three month photo's. Where is her birth announcement you say? Well... I'm working on it! They are combined announcements and thank you notes for all the wonderful love and baby gifts Michael and I recieved for Celeste. A friend of ours has a little studio in her home so we had good time taking pictures and Celeste was in awe of the camara, so much so we had difficulty getting her to smile.

Snapshot of life

Well, here you have it. Just a little glimpse into our life and what it's like to have a "lap kitty" and 4 month old. Priscilla (our cat) get's a little jealous during feeding time and thinks she needs to be in my lap too! Often if I'm not carrying Celeste around, priscilla is in my arms or attacking my feet! Too fun!

Father"s Day

Well, I have to say it was fun to spoil Michael on this Father's day. He is such a wonderful, father, friend and husband. He often will be "on duty" when I need to run errands or just have a quick get away during the day. I went a little crazy and bought him a IPod Classic and during the three weeks prior I tried to give it to him at least twice! I was so excited. So the night befor father's day I got his present all ready and had it besides the bed ready for the next morning. It was all I could do to not wake him up at 5am ( I waited until 6:30 I think - we had to get up for church anyway). The look on his face was exactly what I was hoping for. His only regret, he had to get ready for church and go over his sermon so he didn't have time to play with it. Needless to say they have been inseperable ever since. It won't be such a big gift every year, but not for lack of being an amazing father who takes so much love and care with his daughter and wife.

Happy Fathers day!! We love you!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Celeste first BigGirl Meal

Please check out Michael's blog to see some video footage of our first attempt on rice cereal. She is growing up so fast!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Out on the Town!

During our trip to New Bern, NC we did some serious walking about town! It was great! The first day we hit the historic downtown and then the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola (actually started as a medicine in pharmacy) On our way to the Pepsi birthplace my dear husband noticed a 25-50% off sale at local Boutique so we entered with gusto only to see the prices even 1/2 off way out of our range, until we got to the shoes... I was in love!!! Not only with my husband who suggested we visit the boutique, but with a fabulous pair of beautiful black and silver striped wedges - beat still my heart! Originally $44 I got them for 22 - can we say SOLD!!! I have been looking for excuses to wear them ever since! Enjoy the pictures and try not to envy the shoes too much (HA HAHA!).

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Historic Homes and Churches

Here are some pictures of some historic homes and churches in the area (see New Bern post below). We stopped by the visitor center and picked up some walking tours of local attractions. We had a great time checking out these beautiful structures.

New Bern!

Michael and I took a little overnight getaway to New Bern, NC and if you have never been I highly recommend you go - we loved it!!!! So here are some pictures of the area.

Here is the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at - it was fabulous!!!!

A look down the street where we stayed - lined with historic homes and countless Bed and Breakfast homes
Just down the street was the Neuse River - it was beautiful!
Across the street was a quaint delicatessen - I felt like Rachel Ray on "tasty Travels" or "$40 a day". The food was great and it was just a simple local restaurant. So much fun (but FYI don't ask for Coke products in New Bern, it's the birthplace of Pepsi).