Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beach Trip!

LOOK I SEE WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were all excited about being close to the beach and still love the thought of throwing our things in the car and heading to the beach during the summer but we were reminded it might be a few more years before that is a true possibility. We did brave the beach and all the equiptment that comes with taking two little girls to the ocean. It was beautiful and we did have a good time and have some fun pics to show for it. There was a pop up shower and this sweet family lent us their extra beach umbrella (yes, we went to the beach w/o an umbrella, can you tell this was our first trip with BOTH girls, few things got left behind).

Oh yeah, living the dream!!!
Too SWEET, Snuggle time with daddy under the umbrella!
Clap Clap for the beach!! She finally warmed up to it!
This is the "I dont' get why this is supposed to be so great" face

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